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AP Calculus BC?

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    If I get a 5 on AP Calculus BC, do I still have to take Calculus II at MIT? Or I don't have to take it?
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    Thank you.
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    If you're planning on majoring in math then a 5 on Calc BC shows nothing about whether you have learned calculus. You would want to take 18.014 and 18.024 at MIT, Calculus with Theory. If you can understand Apostol or Spivak and do the problems, then you don't need MIT's calculus classes.

    AP level understanding is good enough if you're going to be an economist or a chemist, where you don't have to really understand the math, but just be able to use it as a tool.

    The basic problem with AP level high school calculus is that it skips the proofs and real mathematical thinking and just teaches you a bunch of techniques. Sometimes you get better, but as it's not necessary for the AP test that takes an exceptional teacher.
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