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AP calculus preparation books

  1. Aug 13, 2004 #1
    Which ones do you recommend? Please give an explanation as well. Thanx
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    Are you just preparing for the AP calculus test? I never took that, but my son did and I imagine the ones for sale at the book store are pretty good. If possible get hold of actual old AP calc tests from the college board or whoever gives the test.

    In my experience, AP calculus tests are a bit easier than actual college courses though. So it is often a mistake to bypass a college version of a course you have earned AP credit in.

    I advise good students who do well on AP tests to take the beginning course in the same subject but on the honors level. It makes no sense to me for an honors high school student to get AP credit so he can go into a more advanced but non honors course in college.
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    thanx for your suggestion, but i was really looking for a specific brand of the preparation book. I've just searched for some, and the best 2 are "5 steps to a 5" and the ARCO Master the AP exam. Can anyone tell me which one is better of the two?
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    Don't waste your time or money on those books. If you search hard enough you can get copies of almost any previous AP exam. My highschool AP calc teacher had every single AP exam since about the 40's-50's. or whenever the AP exam started. Trying the old tests are the best practice.
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    those past old exams are almost impossible to find. So im resorting to just purchasing those books to help prepare for the actual exam. Any ways, I'm still wondering which book of the two, "5 steps to a 5" or "Arco master the ap exam", is better. Please, if you have any, provide some suggestions. Thanx.
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    just learn the material. then you can pass any exam. this may sound callous but it is true.
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    I'm aware of that, but im not looking for just a pass. I actually want to get a 5 on it. So any help i can find, i guess i should take advantage of it.
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