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AP cheaters

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    Why are (CAS) calculators allowed during the AP exams
    My cousin aced the Calc and physics AP's because he put a Ti-89 in a Ti-84 body. enough said. He got a five on both exams.

    This is more proof that cheaters and cons are the one's who get ahead in this world. LOL
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    There's non-calculator sections on those exams. You're only allowed to use a calculator on the free-response section of the physics exam, for example. And there's a calc and non-calc section for both multiple choice and FRQ for the calc exam (I think). I'm also pretty sure having a CAS won't give you a huge advantage over others, since they do design the calculator portions of those exams with that in mind.

    And I don't understand the point of hiding which calculator you're using -- I'm pretty sure the TI-89 is allowed for the AP's and SAT's.

    I'm guessing he's hiding it so he can use the calculator in school exams, where they may not allow CAS calculators.

    btw. This probably shouldn't be in the calculus section.
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    They are allowed because as it's been stated above there are portions of both the Physics C exams and Calculus where no calculator is allowed. Also, especially on the Physics Mech, the extended response questions all involve answers in terms of certain variables so honestly CAS calculators overall don't give you much of an advantage on either test. They're mainly just useful for checking over answers if you have then time, which doesn't really happen that often.
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    Wow, I say let em use a slide rule.
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