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AP Chemistry

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    I decided to take AP Chemistry but since the AP scores for the teacher at my school are spectacularly low, I decided to take it outside of school in an independent studies program my school offers. I expected the teacher to be more competent than my school's but, 3 weeks in, I have not had a good impression. Our first test was largely based on things that we had not covered in class. Since we meet only twice a week, I'm guessing that I will have to teach myself the material. Our book, Chemistry Zumdahl's 5th edition, isn't very explanatory, so I was wondering if someone could suggest something that could help me out. I want to get an A and at least a 4 on the AP exam so I really need help. I don't want this class to be my first ever B.
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    I'll tell you right now its a hard class. What part are you starting on? I had the opposite impression of the Zumdahl textbook and found it very explanitory. I have the notes for the organic section of the class. My teacher was excellant and wrote up a very explicit guide. Our test scores were low due to the fact that a vast amount of the class cared more about social gatherings rather than the class. However those of us who passed were excited.
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    Well we are currently on Bonding and Covalent Bonding in Orbitals and I took around 10 pages of notes on the bonding chapter so I feel as if I have that down pat. However, hybridization just seems over my head and I can't seem to understand what they are talking about. Some chapters just don't seem very explanatory. If you could somehow give me your organic notes that would be great as well as something to help me understand hybridization.
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    If you are taking the course out of your school, how are you meeting the lab requirement? I would think that to be the most difficult part of it all. As for learning the curriculum, I can't remember the specific textbook I had when I took the class last year, but understanding hybridization helps if you've got diagrams, which my textbook had plenty of. Does yours have them? If not, find a good periodic table without atomic masses or anything, just orbital numbers (ex. #s, #p, #d, and #f).

    Look for trends in the periodic table (finding them yourself often better than having someone explain them to you). One of my greatest problems with AP Chem was memorizing the oxidation numbers. Practice balancing all kinds of equations. If you want a great review book, but NOT something you should directly study from, try Peterson's AP Chemistry. It's got plenty of exampes you can work with and summaries of important concepts. Good luck!
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    Ebbind and Gammon Ceneral Chemistry is a bit more user friendly if you are trying to learn material for AP chemsitry on your own. I would be sure to continue to reference Zummdahl since places greater emphasis on gases than ebbing.

    Happy reading :)
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