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AP Computer Science: Java

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    Hello all

    I will be taking an AP Computer Science class this year. We will be learning Java. Can anyone give me a quick understanding of Java? What are its uses? Is it similar to C?

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    From my understanding and usage Java is more like C++. Sort of a trimmed down version. This isn't exactly bad. Java still has classes and such and is *very* object oriented. After learning Java you should have a fairly decent concept of what OOP is, which is probably the choice they chose Java for your class. Java's goal is essentially portability, taking an application from one system to another and having it work without hassle. Java does a rather decent job of this by allowing source code to be compiled as neutral bytecode, or code that will run on any system as long as it has the correct Java runtime libraries. Java also offers a more, performance in mind solution called native bytecode, in which a Java compiler compiles code for the specific platform and operating system. If I compile Java program "generic" for x86/Win32 and try to execute "generic" on PPC/Mac OS X, it won't work. Java, in my opinion, is a programming language more suited for GUI programming and not system administration. While you can execute external programs and modify files, this isn't Java's cup of tea. Java shines when doing any short of graphical interface. Hope this helped a bit.
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    http://www.hprog.org/fhp/JavaLanguage [Broken]
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    Java is an excellent language to learn. It is not the best language in every way, but it has tremendous indurstry backing.

    Java follows C syntax fairly closely. It is an object-oriented language, as is C++, but it is an attempt to avoid many of the problems with C++ and remove some of the complexity.

    Java has a wide range of uses. The original ideas for Java did not cause it to take off, and it is only with the rise of the Internet that Java has become so important. The main use of Java is still for the Internet. Initially Java Applets, which are programs that are downloaded to the client and run on the clint, were the rage. This has in recent years progressively moved to server-side code, such as Servlets and Java-Server pages, which are used for web page delivery.

    There are several other uses for Java, including enterprise Java beans, graphical user interfaces, and code embedded in appliances.
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    I disagree. Most likely, they selected Java due to the significant industry demand for it.

    You have stated this as your opinion, and as such it is valid. I do agree that Java provdes powerful support for GUI development. However, I consider that the importance of Java for GUIs is years out of date. In my opinion, Java is now more important for middle tier Internet application support, among other applications.
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    Java's never had the reputation as being the best OO implementation (Smalltalk is the real taker here), but you're probably right sadly. Classes taught only for the reason of corporate demand. :yuck:
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