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    I have a some questions about AP Programs that I'm hoping someone can answer.

    Unfortanately I didn't know there was a seperate Math class designed to work towards taking Calculus BC. I've always been good at Math but the teacher won't let me take BC unless I get a prerequisite which isn't possible to get in time to take Calc BC. She stated that I'd need to find another teacher with free time to help me get the credit for a Trig course - but it is unrealistic to expect a teacher to teach me a course on their own time. Am I missing out on much by having to take Calculus AB instead?

    Also, has anyone taken AP Biology? Was it a worthwhile experience? - The same question towards both AP English courses.
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    Yes, you miss out on a lot of material on series. But you can leave that for college...
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    Answers to your questions in order:
    -You're not missing out on much content-wise but most colleges will give you credit for calculus I and II by taking Calc BC and getting a 4 or better. Saves you 4 hours a week in college for a semester
    -I didn't take AP Biology but I got credit for the exam through self-study. You really don't learn much different from Biology I than from the AP course but there's more depth.
    -I would recommend taking AP English Language/Lit. Before I took the classes I really thought I was inept at writing and maybe I was beforehand but afterwards I was able to easily write *coherent* impromptu 3-page essays on poems. Anyway I ended up with 5's on both exams and got out of 14 credits in college. For an engineer such as myself that means I had to take no english courses! (I may be good at English now but that doesn't mean I like to read/write at all) It was definitely worth it.
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    If the lost material really bothers you, you could just study up on the extra material in the BC later in the year instead of trying to cram a class into a few weeks.

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    I'm taking AP Calc AB right now, so I can't answer your first question. I did, however, take AP Biology last year, and the only difference between it and regular biology is it gets more in depth. In regular bio, they will call something an "enzyme". In AP Bio, they will tell you the name of the enzyme. Also, the study of processes is more in depth. If you liked your regular biology class, I recommend taking it. I am also currently taking AP English Literature. I like it a lot, because we read some great books (just got done with the Iliad). But I guess that would vary depending on your teacher, so do a little research.
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