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Testing AP Examinations' preparation

  1. Mar 12, 2007 #1
    Can you prepare for AP exams by study guides alone?
    For example can you prepare for AP biology from a PrincetonReview and Cliffs study guide?
    What's the best way to learn in less time, and still get a 5?
    PLEASE! I would like only encouraging remarks.
    Thank you,.
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    Sit down, do every problems on practice tests. I prepared my AP exams about 3 months before the test. I dont think you have enough time.

    If you give yourself this amount of time, then pray that you are smart enough to memorise everything.

    I think this is encouraging enough.
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    The Cliff's study guide for AP Biology is good. I took the AP Biology exam at the end of my first HS biology course (non-AP), studied for the exam using the Cliff's study guide, and got a 5.
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    Ummm... Apples, I know close to nothing about doing well on APs your way, but what do you gain by asking for only encouraging remarks?
    "Is this true (yes only)?" just doesn't seem to be the best way to get a good idea of what's going on.
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    It's at best unwise to ask what the 'best way to study and get the best grade' is. It's almost like asking if there exists a job which requires no effort but has the best pay. Unfortunately, everything requires work. Set as much time as you can aside, and practice. Problems are the best way to study from exams, as for your study plan -thats personal and you'll learn the best way for you to approach things.

    Good luck.
  7. Mar 13, 2007 #6
    I have 7 weeks left!!!
    I'm giving the AP Economics (Micro+Macro) and AP Biology Exam.
    I bought the Cliffs guide and the PrincetonReview Study guide for AP Biology, and the PrincetonReview guide for AP Economics.
    I know I have to study, I'm not saying that I won't make any effort.
    I have taken Biology 1 and Biology 2. But when I was reading the Princeton Review guide for AP Biology, I couldn't get everything. It's too brief, I was scared that might be too less (haven't read the cliffs one yet).
    I've made a time schedule and I'm trying to work on it.
    las3rjok, that's great!
    The reason I'm asking you people for only encouraging remarks is that half of the viewers would discourage. Say stuff like drop the AP etc. , you won't be able to do it unless you have an IQ of a 180.
    The thing is that I've been already discouraged a lot, and if i get discouraged more, i'll end up to be so unconfident that I won't be able to do anything.
    I also don't want you people to not mention helpful facts. I want to know what to do, but just don't make me lose my confidence.
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    Here's a method of getting 5 on your AP exams, assuming that you've studied the material already.

    Do all the chapters -- exercises, practice problems, everything.

    After you've done that, take a practice test within the allotted time. Aim for a perfect score. Now grade it and see where your mistakes were. Iron out the kinks in your understanding, then take another practice test. Repeat until you have no practice tests left.

    From my experience, this is the fastest and easiest way to prepare for the AP exams.
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