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Testing AP exams . what are they

  1. Feb 4, 2013 #1
    Okay I heard about the Advanced Placement Exams a few weeks ago . I came online and saw the question papers and they are fairly easy .
    So here is my question what are the Advanced Placement tests for ?
    I am planning to give Advanced placement tests in Calculus(AB and BC) Physics ( all papers )
    but what will i get if i clear the APs.
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    A 5/5 AP scores does NOT secure admission. Several schools do not even consider the AP score for admission.

    You can pass the AP calc BC exam (supposedly calculus 2) with a 5 by getting approx 60%. To add, calculus BC is about 60-70% calculus 1 material.

    A lot of people get 5's on these exams. You can check collegeboard ap central for the statistics.
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    Almost no school does in fact. They don't even ask for your AP scores when applying for admissions. They only ask for it if you get in and want to skip out of the respective intro courses later on in the summer (which is when you get your final AP scores).
  5. Feb 12, 2013 #4
    which AP courses to take?

    I have decided to give AP tests next year. I plan on going to US for college . I am planning to do a BS in math/physics . So i am going to give the following tests
    1. Physics B
    2. Physics C
    3. Calculus AB
    4. Calculus BC
    5. Chemistry

    Are there any other tests i should take ?
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    Re: which AP courses to take?

    I don't think you need to take both Physics B and Physics C, especially in the same year. Physics B = algebra-based Physics, while Physics C = calculus-based Physics.
  7. Feb 12, 2013 #6
    As eumyang said.

    To add,

    You're better of taking Calculus BC, Chemistry and Physics C. That way, you avoid redundancy.

    This is my observation, and some may or may not agree, but AP courses appear to be poor in terms of quality compared to the "equivalent" courses at most universities. Some universities have honors versions of these courses.

    If you plan to use the credits from these exams, provided you do take and pass them, I recommend you try to learn more outside of class.
  8. Feb 12, 2013 #7
    Re: which AP courses to take?

    AB and BC are offered at the same exact time. Also, Chem and Physics-C are meant to be second-year courses in the topic. AP Comp Sci looks nice to have.

    If you're not in the US, don't feel obliged to take AP. Most major colleges accept equivalent A-levels and IB scores (which in my opinion are better than AP). I know that international admissions are very selective at top colleges, so a 2300+ SAT or 35 ACT would be better worth your time than learning a breadth of AP sciences. But again, just my opinion.
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