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Testing AP Physics B Exam Question

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    So i got this crazy physics teacher who doesn't actually teach physics. And this is not one of those comments from a lazy kid who doesn't wanna learn and uses his teacher as an excuse. On the contrary: I LOVE physics hence i keep getting good grades since i actually teach myself from the book.

    The excuse my teacher uses is that he is preparing us for college... well I don't need your help in being prepared because i rather LEARN physics the high school way and actually get into college and then i'll manage.

    Either way... He keeps telling us that a good strategy on the ap exam is for every question to jot down the formula you need, solve for the variable and then move on. If you have time left come back and plug in the numbers.

    What do you guys think? Is this teacher trustworthy? Should i use this strategy on my exam? He keeps telling us that if you get a 60-70% or something you get a 5 on the exam.

    How true is all of this?

    Thank you for your help!!! :D
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    The AP physics B exam is a complete joke. I got a 5 on it without studying, and I wasn't even a good student in high school. If you're worried about getting a 5 on the AP exam, just practice 2-3 weeks before the test and you'll be fine.
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    ok that's good! Haha, i take old ap fizzix (that's how he spells it) exams right now and i keep getting like 90% of them right so i guess i'm good.

    I need a minimum of a 3 to get into the college i want to go to so i hope i don't black out or anything :D
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