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AP Physics B Test

  1. Sep 11, 2009 #1
    Currently I am enrolled in a regular physics class because their was only one AP Physics B class period and it affected my Latin II course. So I took Physics at a votech where I am also taking an engineering class.

    My question to all you physics pros is do you think I could self study and take the AP Physics B test? Or is it too much without the class?

    If you do think I should give it a shot do you have an suggestions for way/websites/ebooks/textbooks I could learn from .

    Thank You
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    Go for it. You can miss a large number of questions and still get a 5. I don't have any recommendations for specific study materials, but it doesn't hurt to give it a shot. I ended up getting college credit for the AP B exam without taking an official AP course or studying much at all (although I had 3 semesters of relevant high school physics).
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    Do it and become my AP Physics B Buddy.

    Although I am taking the course.....
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    A lot of people self study for AP tests, so it can be done. Even though AP Physics B covers more material than C, the topics are covered without much depth, and the mathematics is definitely watered down (or absent at all).

    I didn't personally take the B exam, but I tutored a couple of kids for the test, and it seemed to me like someone can definitely self study for the test, considering the difficulty of the exam and the material covered.
  6. Sep 13, 2009 #5
    I took the normal physics course last year and decided to take the AP exam just for the heck of it. I barely passed with a 3, but it can be done. I didn't do anything special other than listen in class and do the homework assignment. Good luck!
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    Also, a 60% in the AP test (Physics C) is a 5. I'm pretty sure it should be close to that for the B test. So it's certainly do-able.
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