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AP Physics B Test

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    Hey...Im taking the Physics B test in May and I was wondering if anyone that has taken it has any advice...Just general advice on time management or how you thought the test was (easy, hard?)

    Thanks in advance for any comments!
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    I remember thinking I had totally screwed it up, but actually doing well. They curve those things so that 50% is a 3, right?
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    Last year the AP B was very easy. Don't stress too much about it but make sure that you are prepared. Study up for the multiple choice a bunch, as the written problems were totall gimmes! They like problems about forces with strings (i.e. three blocks connected by different strings, you pull them, what's the forces in each string, etc...) and other problems similar to this. The multiple choice also seemed to be a large excercise in seeing how many E&M eqn's you could remember. I'd definitely be fresh on these, as the problems are very straight foward and easy if you just know which eqn to apply. Also they seem to like conceptual problems with charge, ie you have a charged ball, you bring it close to another, put them in a metal cage, cut holes in the middle, etc... You'll do fine. Good Luck!
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