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AP Physics B

  1. Nov 6, 2009 #1
    I'm interested in self-studying for the AP Physics B examination, so I'm in need of a textbook for preparing me for the exam.

    If you're interested as to what the exam questions look like in order to find me the best book, here is a practice test:

    http://www.arlington.spps.org/sites/3ccf4ac7-d146-48dd-95e6-0a0073e5ce1a/uploads/AP_B_Practice_08-09.PDF [Broken]

    There isn't much calculus on the exam, I believe.

    It's basically like an easier intro to physics course, so from your experience, I would love to hear any recommendations.

    I hear all about Physics for Scientist & Engineers, and Giancoli, etc... but I can't decide between all these textbooks. There seems to be too many mixed reviews, so I'm asking you guys.

    Remember, this is for AP Physics B independent studying.
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