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AP Physics C Review Books

  1. Mar 15, 2010 #1
    AP exams are right around the corner and I was looking at picking up a review book to begin reviewing Mechanics and EM topics. I'm curious which one to buy.

    From what research I've done it seems that Pelcovits' "How to Prepare for AP Physics C" is the most rigorous book available and is actually more difficult than the exam and covers every topic. However it's old and I'm worried that the test has been updated and therefore the text would be outdated. Also, I read there are quite a few typos that make the book a bit of a pain at times. I also see that the newer Barron's books are also written by Pelcovits and I wonder if it would be as rigorous and expansive as the aforementioned book.

    And if anyone knows of an equally "good" review book I'm willing to look into other options.
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    The Princeton Review physics books are pretty good. Couple that with OpenCourseWare lessons from MIT (http://ocw.mit.edu/) as well as some practice FRQ's from College Board's website, and you'll be all set.
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    Thank you!! I am currently taking AP physics C and was starting to research different AP test review books to get me ready for the test. Is there a huge difference between lets say a Princeton Review book compared to any similar AP physics book? I was just curious
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