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AP PHYSICS C: Solving problems

  1. Apr 17, 2010 #1
    Is it advisable to solve problems from Irodov and Resnick , Halliday , Walker for AP PHYSICS C :MECHANICS AND ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM ?
    I am self-studying, so any website links to practice problems(except Collegeboard) will be really helpful, please.

    Thank you.
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    Can somebody please reply?
    Thank you.
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    If you want problems and solutions, then just get something like Schuam's General Physics or one of those 3000-problems-worked/solved-in-physics books. Those are probably the fastest way to learn the material.
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    I recommand Barron's and Princeton Review's. If you got the time, use barron's, otherwise use Princeton Review.
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    ive heard that halliday resnick krane is better than walker. I plan to buy it this summer to prepare myself for physics c. The book name is "physics." Any edition of it should be good.

    heres some websites:
    http://simonster.com/mt/archives/000031.html [Broken]
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