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Homework Help: AP PHYSICS PROBLEM i forgot the formula, someone help me solve! This wont take lon

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    AP PHYSICS PROBLEM....i forgot the formula, someone help me solve! This wont take lon

    Light of frequency 6.0 x 1014 hz strikes a glass/air boundary at an angle of incidence, ø1. The ray is partially reflected and partially refracted at the boundary as shown. The indices are shown.

    (a) Determine the value of ø2 if ø1 = 30o. Explain your answer.
    (b) Determine the value of ø3 if ø1= 30o.
    (c) Determine the speed of this light in the glass.
    (d) Determine the wavelength of this light in the glass.
    (e) What is the largest value of ø1 that will result in a refracted ray?
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    Which formula have you forgotten ?

    The formula for the angle of refraction is called Snell's Law - look it up.

    What does the law of Reflection say about angles of incidence and reflection ?

    How is the speed of light in a medium related to the refractive index ? This is in one of the definitions of the refractive index.

    Enough said already...
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