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Ap physics question HELP! badly.

  1. Nov 29, 2005 #1
    ap physics question!!!! HELP! badly.

    i need this ASAP (NOVEBMER 30TH..6am new york time). if you can solve these 2 problems, you deserve a large cookie. thanks.

    Two 2 kg blocks are joined by a massless cord and pulley as shown below.


    a. ignoring friction, determine each block's acceleration using a free-body diagram for each.

    b. if the coefficient of kinetic friction is given by yk= 0.1, find each block's acceleration using a free body diagram for each.

    (by the way yk=0.1 is MU K=.1 or [​IMG])

    PS. if it's unclear please tell me thank you.
    or just i/m me on aim (zulofft)

    i tried the problem on my own..and i got a possible 4/12 but i have some of hte forumulas but my teacher said they were wrong. and my only credit came from the diagrams, but i didnt know how to make one of them.
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    lovely picture.
    But we wont do the entire assignment for you while you sleep.

    Divide the force of gravity acting on each block into its components (along the ramp and into the ramp. (force diagram)
    From this, you can determine the net force acting on the blocks and then their acceleration.

    Friction will act as a force in the opposite direction of motion. You can calculate the frictional force by multiplying the coefficient of friction by the normal force.
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    ahem. this isnt homework. it WAS homework. so me and my friend john decided that we should see who can come up with the right answer since we both are competitive like that and wed compare answers 1st period at 7am. but i seriously have NO clue on how to do this problem, like i barely could get the free body diagrams.

    umm with the formulas..

    Fn + Fg -Ft - Ff= ma? would that be right?
    and can i have the other formulas you might use in the problem?
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    Well, the point isn't whether if it is homework or not. What it means is that we are not supposed to solve problems for you. The goal of the homework help section is that students who need help can better appreciate, understand and ultimately become a better problem solver in math and physics.

    With this problem, what you need to do is separate the free body analysis. The magnitude of acceleration for both blocks will be the same, because they are connected. Single in on one of the blocks. Find the tension in the string and assume a direction of motion. Intuitively, the one on the 60 degree side would be going down.
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    ogmogmg i get it ..i love you
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    Er... you're welcome, although I'm not very keen with public displays of affection ^_^v
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