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I'm going to be a high school senior next year and am planning on majoring in physics at college, unfortuantely our school does not offer an AP Physics course, they only offer one general physics course which I have already taken and which failed to teach me anything. But, since I am majoring in physics I believe it would be helpful for me to be able to show colleges that I do have a grasp of physics concepts and so I am planning on taking the SAT II in physics and the AP Physics test via personal study. Does anybody know if there are any helpful online study guides or information which I should go through in order to pass these tests? Thanks.


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Definately visit "AP Central." Do a search for "AP Physics" on Google or whatever, and choose a link that includes "collegeboard" in its address (I think it's: apcentral.collgeboard.com but I'm not sure.

THere you can find pdf files of the free-response questions for the last four years. Try to solve these problems. If you can't, try your best to learn from a textbook how to solve them.

By the way some of those SAT II prep books are HORRIBLE! THey contain some bad questions with worse explanations. Return to this forum if you get stuck.
MCAT books have reasonably good physics questions but for a general view of physics, try searching for Physics Praxis exams.

You're lucky that you even had a physics class in high school. I'm a physics major and my first course was my sophomore year of college.

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