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Homework Help: AP Physics-Temperature and Heat

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    I have a concept question that asks, "When the bulb of a mercury-in-glass thermometer is inserted into boiling water, the mercury column first drops slightly before it begins to rise. Account for this phenomenon." I have no idea why. Any ideas?
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    Andrew Mason

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    How does the heat get to the mercury in the bulb? (ie. there are only three ways to transfer heat: convection, radiation or conduction). So what does the heat do to the glass?

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    well, the good news is that there will probably not be any questions of that sort will NOT be on the ap exam. before i took mine last may, i did about four or so old exams. not once was there a conceptual problem in thermo of that nature. (...and i'm not sure if there were any conceptual problems in thermo at all. don't remember any.)
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