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AP test woes

  1. Apr 21, 2008 #1
    Hi all.

    I'm enrolled in AP Calculus AB at my school. However, for months I have been learning calculus on my own. First and foremost I simply enjoy math, but an added bonus was that I would be able to take (and pass) the more advanced Calculus BC test instead of the AB test at the end of the year. I was then planning on taking Calculus III at the local community college over the summer.

    I signed up for Calculus BC a few months ago. Now today I learned that my teacher and counselor assumed I had made a mistake and ordered the Calculus AB test for me. I talked to them about it as soon as I could and although my counselor is sympathetic, the College Board is a huge bureaucracy and may well prove to be inflexible in allowing them to order another Calculus BC test this late. Thus I won't get out of Calc II and won't be able to take Calc III over the summer as I had planned.

    Assuming the worst, what can I do to remedy this situation? Will the college be flexible with their prerequisites? Is there a way I can prove to someone that I know the material and be allowed to take third-semester calculus as planned? What can I do?

    Thanks for the advice.
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    You might want to contact the math department at the college and ask if you can challenge a course by writing a test. At my university you can challenge calculus I, though you have to pay a fee, and then go to calculus II straight away. Otherwise, you should probably talk to an academic adviser or contact the instructor of the course and explain the situation to see if they are willing to waive the pre-requisite.
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