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AP tests for college credits?

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    I was talking to an acquaintance the other day and I found out that I had to take an AP test to get college credit for high school AP courses. The only thing is I'm finding this out after having already graduated from college two years ago with a BSME.

    I took a bunch of AP courses back in high school because my advisor kept telling me to, but I never once took an AP test because I didn't know about them. I'm about 99.999% sure my advisor and teachers never told me about them. I don't remember the exact courses, but I remember taking a ton of AP English, Precalc, Physics, and Chemistry. I think there were others. Did this happen to anyone else? man this pisses me off. I could have saved tuition money.
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    This is really, really hard to believe. Are you sure you are not confusing AP with "honors" courses? Maybe your high school used them interchangeably and didn't offer the exams. There is no such thing as AP Precalc.

    When I took AP courses, the whole point was to prepare you for the exam. So I don't know what you would be doing in an AP course if you didn't even know there was an exam.
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    I also find the OP very hard to believe. I am wondering if he/she is confusing AP with CLEP? There is a CLEP test in Precalculus (see here and click on the "Science & Mathematics" tab).

    Anyway, there is no point in dwelling over this if you've already graduated from college. There's no guarantee that you would have received college credit anyway, even if you had taken the AP or CLEP tests.
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    Nah, they were definitely advanced placement courses. Honors classes was junior high stuff. I took an AP english course and after that my advisor kept telling me to take the other ones. College credit was one of the main advertising points that was always brought up. I just never knew I had to take a test. I always thought that if I passed the classes I was good to go. I've never heard of CLEP either.

    Yeah, I guess there's no point dwelling on it now. I was just wondering if this happened to any one else (I guess not) or if there was some way to get credits for grad school.
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    If your school didn't tell you about the AP exams...it fails, or you were absent/asleep when they told you. http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/Controller.jpf

    Now you know something to tell your kids in the future:
    Take the exams.
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