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Apache error webpage

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    How come all of the sudden when I go to a lot of websites I get this page that says "apache software installation on this system was sucessful"? I just got a brand new wireless card. This has been happening a lot recently, only on my computer at home. When I use my computer at work I never get this error message. I also am using firefox browser.
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    It says connection was refused. Its weird. If I type www.physicsforums[/URL] into a new browser i keep getting the apache error message. But if i go to google type in physicsforums and clink on the link from there I can get in.
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    Are you sure your not connected to someone elses network?
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    yeah im sure because each time when i start up my computer i scan the area for the wireless router. the only one that shows up is the one in my house.
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