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APCP autoignition

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    What is the pressure at which ammonium perchlorate composite propellant spontaneously begins deflagration?
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    If google doesn't help, try asking at NASA or JPL, they should know such things.
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    Yeah, I tried googling it but to no avail. I know NASA and JPL will probably take a while to reply to any email or message. Too bad Fermilab is the only science place near me, I'm sure they'd be irritated by being asked questions irrelevant to their field.
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    actually, searching a little further, pressure is force per area, which is apparently equal to energy per volume. So the fact that I couldn't answer this before is because I didn't give enough information. Also the energy is (Pf-Pi)/Density. with this I should be able to calculate at least something helpful to me.
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