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Stargazing Aperture fever cure?

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    my 2 cents: you guys never going to be happy with the scope that you bought or accessories! you'll get the disease called "aperture fever " and there's no cure for it ! yes, there's telescopes for every budget out there, but you need to start by writing down the reasons why you want it : stargazing, astro-photography, research ! when it comes to viewing, aperture rules ! the bigger the better ! those dobs telescopes are a real deal for the price that you pay! attention:the bigger it is the heavier! in deed, a bigger dob, so called a light bucket, will provide you the most spectaculars images of heavens ! you always need to make a compromise ! if you never used a scope, start with a pair of binos ! from 7 or 10x50 and up it will give you an idea of the skies! dont go with a variable bino (meaning 7-15x50 zooming options) because the optics are bad. and i dont think you wanna pay at least 500$ for a better pair. just keep in mind that once you got bitten by the astro bug, is over ! you always going to get a better eyepiece, a better collimation tool, a better filter...and the list goes on !
    So, good luck! start by visiting your local astronomy clubs, dont aspect to see in an eyepiece the same image that you see on Hubble's website ( because the location of an DSO-deep space object- is very faraway, the amount of the light gathered by a human eye is not enough to excite the cells in your eye to start seeing colors.
    this is my point of view !
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    Re: Planning to buy a first telescope?

    Vali that happens with pretty much every hobby! You always want something better!
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