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Medical Apo Ibufrofen

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    I just got my wisdom teeth out.

    They gave me 20 pills of Apo Ibupfrofen 600mg, Is this not the exact same as advil or does the fact that it has "Apo" infront of it mean something different.
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    Just quickly looking it up, the "Apo" is just indicating the brand name (I wanted to make sure it didn't have some other ingredient with it). It seems the only difference between that and Advil is that it can be prescribed in higher dose pills (your average over-the-counter pills are usually about 200 mg).
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    Yes APO is just higher dose ibuprofen. What it means is that your doctor is extremely stingy about handing out effective pain killers following oral surgery. If you're still in pain using ibuprofen you can call your dentist's office and ask for something stronger.
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