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Apostol International Edition

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    Quality of International Books?

    i found Apostol's textbook for very cheap on Apebooks.com. I also found a numerous others but they are int'l editions. Does anyone know by chance if the quality of the page is good, or the overall quality of the books bc I will definitely be using it a lot and I don't wanna spend $30 then have to spend another $30 etc etc etc. Thanks!
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    Apostol's analysis book? I have an international edition mechanics book that is exactly like the standard US one but with a softcover. Then I have an international (I think that's what is written on it.... it's some sort of cheap edition) Arfken & Weber that has a hardcover but really thin pages that look like they're about to start falling out. So I guess my experiences are mixed. In general, I find you get what you pay for with books online. I might be misunderstanding, but it sounds like you're saying the Abebooks is NOT international edition... if that's the case, and it's cheap enough for you, I'd go for that... but that's just me. I think there's always a lot of uncertainty regarding exactly what your getting, but maybe someone here with more experience can give you better advice.

    Given the forum, I guess you would be talking about the analysis book... I've been reading through his analytic number theory text recently, so that's what first sprang to mind.
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    I was talking about Apostol's Calculus, sorry I forgot to mention that. My original intention was to buy Spivak's Calculus for $65, but Apostol's is around $30 for each volume. It sorta evens out, but I think Apostol covers a little more than Spivaks. But I have decided to purchase Spivak's Calculus.

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    The international books are the same as the US ones (Apostol Calculus).
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