Apparent & Actual Depth


    here's a link to the same question which has already been inquired
    before by someone else.

    according to the question, it asks to calculate the "actual" depth
    and once I have read all the replies on that page, the author seemed to
    calculate the answer. I've tried it myself and acquired the same answer.
    However, I'm a little confused with the given unit "1.0m" in the question.
    Is it just there to confuse the reader? because it has not been included in
    any of the calculations.

    Sorry for posting too many questions :(
    and thank you in advance.
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  3. Doc Al

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    I'm not quite understanding your concern. All the distances in the problem are given in meters.
  4. oh what I meant was,
    was that 1.0m necessary for calculating the final answer?
  5. Doc Al

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    Ah... Are you referring to the statement: "She estimates that her eyes are about 1.0m above the water's surface"?

    If so, then no, that fact seems irrelevant to the problem.
  6. I'm very sorry to hold u up Doc,

    I've been trying to figure out a diagram for that question,
    would you be able to take a look?

    Thank you very much and sorry T_T
  7. Doc Al

    Staff: Mentor

    Your diagram looks good to me.
  8. Thank you doc
    I really appreciate your help! :)
    have a good weekend
  9. Doc Al

    Staff: Mentor

    My pleasure.
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