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Appearance for Job

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    In my experience, academia tends to be rather liberal in terms of acceptable appearance, particularly when compared with the corporate world. Most departments are more interested in what you bring to the table academically (and in terms of outside funding) than your apprearance.

    That said, I would expect to be completely free of appearance discrimination. From my understanding this is a measureable phenomenon even among people who claim not to have any conscious biases for such subtle things as weight.

    If you have any tattoos that could be considered offensive that cannot be covered up I would expect to be at a disadvantage.
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    Universities do not ask you to send in a picture before they consider hiring you. By the time they find out you've got tattoos, you'd already be a finalist for the position (usually you don't get invited to the school unless you're in the top 3). Tattoos really won't matter unless you've got distracting, offensive, or multiple face tattoos. One of my co-workers, hired last year, has at least 4 visible tattoos, and she is well-respected at the school.
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    Ten or 15 years ago, significant tattoos may have been big deal. Now, it's more common. You never know how any particular individual may be affected, though.

    Just my opinion: something like that could amplify any bad attitude, so be aware of that. Be on your best behavior, be very professional and courteous.
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    A friend's dad was a math professor at the top rated University of my country, he has a lot of piercings, tatoos, etc, and it seems like nobody cared. If you're unsecure, try to cover them, but it shouldn't be that big deal.
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    Thank you, my parents hate my tattoos, and always complained me, about my tattoos on my hand,but your replies showed me, the only thing I have to do with tattoos, is studying hard, and be a good scientist:) thanks
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    I like Serena

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    I don't think people really care, but if you're applying for a job, don't be surprised if they decline because of the tattoos.
    So you either need to already have the job, or have to be so good that people choose to overlook it.
    Afterwards, it won't matter all that much.
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    I have two full sleeves that I got when my only goal was to be a career military. There is no broad answer to this, Some people will just reject you for not looking professional. Others will require that they be covered up while at work, and some just don't care. Just use common sense, keep it covered up until you know the person won't judge you.
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    Dr Transport

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    I have one, keep yours covered and you'll be fine. My co-workers saw mine when I moved positions and was appalled, but the group i worked for was about as conservative as they come.

    I have another female co-worker who has multiple which show all the time, no one says a word about them.
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