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Appearance of a wormhole?

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    I wonder what would various exotic objects in general relativity look like, alone and with things around them, for example a traversable wormhole.
    To that end, i'm trying to make a raytracer-like renderer for curved space.
    The problem is, i have vague idea what to expect.

    So, are there any "seeing-this" interactive renderings of a traversable wormhole or other interesting objects and where can i get them?

    And, are mine making any sense?

    Schwarzschild black hole:
    Overview (the red ball is about the size of the others, and is just larger than the event horizon):

    Transit of one of the balls behind it:

    View from almost the horizon upwards:

    Traversable wormhole between two universes:

    Getting closer, some rays diverge, some orbit the hole, others go thru it.

    Rotating as we go thru the throat.
    A most curious thing - if you go "sideways" in the throat, both universes rotate like in a tesseract.

    And, on the other side, blue ball there.
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    Haven't seen any interactive versions, but there are some animations and images of traversable wormholes on this page and this one (though many of the links on the second page don't work). The first page also has some links to papers on the subject at the bottom.

    One thing I'd like to see is an image of a trip through the wormhole where the traveler himself was rendered (perhaps as a simple human figure or toy rocket or something) rather than just being treated as an invisible "point of view" as on the pages above. Traveling through the throat, would you see copies of yourself in a sort of "hall of mirrors" effect, with some light rays from the back of your head traveling around the throat and reaching your eyes? If so, I wonder how distorted the images would be...
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    Quite interesting, thank you!
    I did get a few things wrong.

    What it looks like now:

    On another note, what kind of Doppler shifts are there around a wormhole?
    Can't seem to find a word about that either.

    Quite distorted. My program can only draw spheres, so that's what i tried with. One can see an uneven thin ring around while looking sideways in the throat, should be noticeable on 3 and 4 above.
    Not sure how accurate that is thought, and no idea what a more interesting object would look like.
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