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Apple min wage $2 per hour

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    How about Apple starting a $2 per hour minimum wage for its vendor employees? It would be great PR.
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    What is this in response to? As it stands right now, your post does not meet forum guidelines.
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    It is a discussion of the working conditions in the Foxxcon factories used by the Apple Corporation. I thought this was general discussion area?
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    Is there a better area?
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    The title here is general discussion????
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    I simple offer a solution for Apple to look great. Cheaper than buying super bowl ads.
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    You're in the Politics and World Affairs section of the General Discussion. There are some slightly higher standards for posting in this forum. In either case, post more then a sentence if you actually want to discuss it. Few people, except for the people who just look to make arguments, care to spend time replying to a thread where the poster put no effort into its creation.
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    You didn't mention or source any of that in the OP...
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