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  1. I'm attempting to accumulate as many Application Notes from as many places as possible, and I would like some suggestions about where to get them. I've found them to be an enormously helpful supplement to the textbooks at school, sometimes explaining certain concepts clearly where the books miserably failed. Littelfuse's thyristor notes were great when the book didn't give us enough information to make sense of our lab assignment.

    If there's an aggregator site, that would be awesome, but even just a list of manufacturer sites is good enough. If they specialize in a particular product, a note about that would be nice too.

    Here's a list of the places I've already got on my list (I'll edit as stuff comes in):

    Analog Devices
    Atmel - AVRs
    Fairchild Semiconductor
    FTDI - USB protocol converters
    Freescale Semiconductor
    Littelfuse - Thyristors and circuit protection
    Maxim Integrated
    Microchip - PIC
    ON Semiconductor
    Texas Instruments
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  3. Application notes to what field of study ?

    For automation products has tons of references and application notes for VFD's, PLC's, solid state devices etc.

    Fluke also has some excellent application notes for a variety of common problems such as Harmonics. has some excellent application notes on process control
  4. Agilent has HP T&M classic app notes
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    I agree that they are very helpful. Back when there was no internet, you had to go to "trade shows" (e.g. this one) where chip companies were happy to hand out their goodies. I can't say how much I enjoyed and learned from having them. I have, among many others, these hard cover Signetics ones. They have a copyright of 1974, two years after Signetics Corp. introduced the 555 timer chip.

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    Don those two are treasures. Best explanation of PLL's ever.

    Neat metal detector in the thin one.....

    and a VOR receiver ....
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    When working as a Field Engineer for an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) manufacturer in 1976 we all considered the "General Electric SCR Manual" as an essential reference for the design, operation, and maintenance of our power converters (rectifiers and three phase inverters).

    Found this on VCRs:
    Siliconix AN105, FETs as Voltage Controlled Resistors


    here is a collection of Ap Notes covering many types of circuits:
    Aaron's Synth DIY Datasheet and Ap Note Collection
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  8. I'll take a look at pretty much anything you can recommend.

    As good as Control Guru looks, I'm mainly looking for PDFs that I can download and read on my tablet. The book on there seems to be in all HTML.
    I've already got Linear on my list. That includes a lot of the Jim Williams stuff. In fact, both of the notes you specifically linked to are already on my drive. I will take a good look at those seminars.
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