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Application of Calculus to Finanace

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    Application of Calculus to Finance

    I am a finance executive . How do we apply differential Calculus

    and integral calculus to :

    Financial forecasts

    life periods of assets

    fixation of standards

    applying various external & internal parameters

    Anand s Jammalamadaka
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    You could use the first derivative to figure out the maximum value of a function, thus determining the highest amount of profit. Also second derivatives can be used to find the inflection points where the profit is at the highest slope.

    Im not sure about integral calculus, haven't gotten there yet.
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    Thanks for the help
    Later I checkedup from Maxima & Minima Chapter of Calculus.

    We need to continuously explore to crosslink applications of mathematics
    to other areas to prove usefulness of maths. :rofl:
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