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Application of quantum theories

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    how are quantum theories applied to everyday life? in the physical, biological and chemical systems?
    like how does quantum theory explains the existence of parallel realities or universe?
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    Who first raised the many-worlds-representations? I would like to read about this one's stuff. My tutor told me that it was a Japanese but I forgot his name. :-(
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    well, it can be applied to maaany things you wouldn't even suspect. Let me give you an example: quantum game theory - I try to find some links for you about it, coz it's great. Anyone interested in it ??
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    I wouldn't mind reading, Megus. :smile:

    chasingwind: The Many-Worlds interpretation, also known as the Everett interpretation, was published by Dr. Hugh Everett III on 1957.
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    Thanks Megus, I'm studying for a exam right now (Bible, ugh) but I'll read some of that later. :smile:
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    No problem, dude :smile:
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    Car wax for one. Also glow-in-the-dark paint. Just about everything, for that matter.
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