Applications Of differential Equations In Physics

  1. hi
    i need a article about applications of differential equations in physics.
    can some body help me ? :confused:
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  3. any diff eq. book would do...

    i mean, diff. eqs (pdes and odes) are all over physics, so pretty much all teoreticall physics articles will have an embedded DE on them

    sorry for bad english
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    I second ReyChquito in this.
    1. Fluid mechanics: Navier-Stokes, Laplace's equation are diff.eq's
    2. Solids: Elasticity theory is formulated with diff.eq.s
    3. General relativity field equations use diff.eq's
    4.Quantum Mechanics: The Schrödinger equation is a differential equation
    + a lot more
  5. I know. but i'm looking for an article on the web. my search using google & yahoo had no results.
    tnx a lot.
  6. tnx a lot.
    that's good. but it's not enough.
    i'm looking 4 texts like this.

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