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Applications of Laplace

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    I am currently working on the crct. in the attachment. I have been asked to find the "node voltage method" (i.e.-KCL) to determine Vo. I want to check my equation and was hoping someone can help. Also, I am trying to prepare for an exam and would like maybe an easier way numerically to approach this seeing that calculators are going to be out of the question. I would hate to have to find the roots of a decimal quadratic equation or soemthing of that nature.

    I have Vo(s) equal to:

    (s^2 +(2.63E-8)*s +2.1E4)

    Does anyone else come up with this?

    If anyone has any ideas on how to make this a little cleaner and how to consistently do that in general, feel free, please. Also, the partial fraction decomposition of this is proving to be a real bear.

    Thanks for the help

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    *clears throat* BUMP!
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    You might want to write out the problem since no one is able to see the question with your "attachment pending approval."
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