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Applications of magnets

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    I want to ask about the applications of magnets

    Is it possible that people who lived in a town could have health
    problems such as headaches, nausea, brain tumors.. due to an established
    plant, which distributes power to nearby towns and cities through
    hundreds of high-tension cables running along and over a residential
    area? I think it is.. but I don't know why."
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    What type of plant?
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    An eggplant! :rolleyes:
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    Corny eh? Not an eggplant.. a power plant..
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    There is no confirmed connection between the type of electro-magnetic fields that you will find near electric generating plants, high voltage wires, or transformers.
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    The scientific community has not reached a concensus on how/why exactly high voltage powerlines in close proximity to people for extended periods of time are linked to cancer occurence and other nasty stuff. Scientifically, it shouldn't happen, as these voltages are not high enough to cause such things in theory, but statistically the link exists. Just stay away from high-voltage powerlines. :biggrin:
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    A question - didn't I read a few years ago that the scientist who published the paper supposedly establishing this link admitted falsifying his data?
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    Still looking for an answer to my question above, but in the process I did find this site. It's titled "Static EM Field FAQ" by John E. Moulder, Ph.D, Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin.


    LOTS of info there!
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