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Applications of multiple ionization cross sections

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    Hi there. I'm working with this stuff of multiple ionization (in particular, double ionization). There are some references I've found on the applications in applied physics for this theoretical work, for example, plasma physics, accelerator physics, radiotherapy, which are listed in some papers and books I've seen. But I wanted to find more references, it could be in books on this topics where I can see the cross sections being used, or papers, whatever, I want to see this cross sections in use, and I only have seen mentions that it can be use for this or that, but not the thing being applied (just the calculations being done on different vias, not the applications it self). So, I was hoping that someone in here could tell me where I can find double ionization cross sections being used in applied physics. I have worked in the lab once making some XPS, and the guy with who I've worked told me that in the characterization for the different energies that one obtains the cross sections are used to process the data. There is a statistics to be done for the electrons received on the electron spectrometer, and this statistics is weighted with the cross section, which is something expected, because the number of electron counts in the different energy levels are expected to be proportional to the probability of ionization, which is proportional to the cross section. I think I can look for that on ESCA or something like that if I find my notebooks on that work I've done. But anyway, if somebody here knows of the applications for this cross sections, and have some references I can look for, in papers, in the library, or whatever, that would be useful.

    I'm specially interested on the applications in radiotherapy, accelerator physics, plasma physics, radio astronomy, but also on the used of this cross sections in the experimental apparatus, I suppouse that the electron transmission microscopes must use this cross sections too, as the XPS does. So, if you know of references for this applications of this cross sections in XPS, TEM, radiotherapy, astrophysics, plasma physics, accelerator physics, etc, etc. I would appreciate very much your contribution :)

    Thanks in advance.
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