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Homework Help: Applications of non linear thermistor

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    Bit of a strange one this:

    Can anyone think of any real life applications where having a non linear thermistor (like one that didnt change a set amount of resistance for the same temperature change) would cause any problems?
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    no one have ANY ideas? :(
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    any please?? Would really really really help. I won't repost this again sorry :eek: Im just very stuck for ideas here
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    The thing is I think that, firstly, people that do not need a normal thermistor would not use one and, secondly, if the change was not in a set amount then the designer would add a component that would not make it explode or melt. It would be designed around the need and then which thermistor and any reasons for it to need a safety and variable switch would be added.

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    Seems to me it would cause problems in every situation that thermistors would be used. Non-linear sensors are not very useful; the first thing a designer will typically do is build a circuit to correct the non-linearity.

    - Warren
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