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B Applications of QM and QFT

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    Please list all the practical applications of QM and QFT the way you know from memory.. so far the following is what I know.

    Practical applications of QM:

    1. Understanding the double slit experiment
    2. What else? Please enumerate

    Practical applications of QFT:

    1. Solving for the Magnetic Moment of the Electron
    2. What else? Please enumerate
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    Well, seeing as how chemical bonding is a quantum-mechanical phenomenon....
    Most or all of chemistry, most or all of microelectronics, most or all of solid state physics.
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    It might be easier to list things that aren't practical applications of QM and QFT. :wink: Maybe tracking asteroids, since that doesn't involve analyzing their internal structure. But if, for example, we had to send a space mission to divert an asteroid that might come too close to Earth, we'd need QM (in the form of chemistry and analyzing chemical bond energies) to help us find the optimal rocket fuel, and to make the onboard computers work, and for communications, and...
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    I know almost all use QM or QFT.. I'd just like to understand their domain of applicability of each. For example. You don't use QFT on computing for trajectories of an object. You use Newtonian physics. So what applications where you can still use Schrodinger Quantum Mechanics. As I understand and I think everyone else. Quantum Mechanics means the plain Schroedinger Equation. While QFT is beyond QM.
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