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Applications of tensors

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    Hi all. This is my first post. w00t!

    I'm just starting my sophmore year at university an I am trying to get ahead in physics, however I have hit a roadblock on tensors. I read all your posts in the 'what is a tensor' threads and I have a little better idea of what a tensor is, but I am still having trouble understanding them. The best way I come about understanding things I don't get in math/physics is by workin a problem containing the thing I do not understand. So do any of you have any problems where I would have to use a tensor? I am proficient in multivariable calc and have some experience in vector analysis (stokes theorem, divergence theorem, greens, etc) as well as matrix algebra (eigenvalues, eigenvectors, transformations, etc) to give you an idea where I am at as far as math goes. I would appreciate anything you can give me.
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