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Applications of Transistors with Different β values

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    Hi, I'm a newbie....
    I came to know that there are many types of transistors available in the market with high, middle, and low β values.But, I don't have any idea about applications of each in detail.Can any body tell me the applications of high β, middle β, and low β valued CE transistors respectively.I think high β valued transistors are used as switches.Am I correct?.
    Any help or web link would be highly appreciated.....
    I tried searching in Google but couldn't find......
    Thanks in advance.........
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    Usually variation in B is due to optimizing some other variable. For example maybe you want to make a transistor that can carry a lot of collector current relative to other transistors, a very low temp co, or have a really high Vce breakdown voltage, etc.. These optimizations usually come with reduced B.

    One can also sacrifice on the other variables of a transistor to maximize B. This is often done with low power (Ic<100mA) switches. Because of the high B one can manipulate Ic with very small amounts of power in Ib which is useful for switches.
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