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Applied and Computational Math (MS) @ RIT, Program Opinion

  1. Jun 12, 2014 #1

    I got admit to RIT's Applied and Computational Mathematics program (MS).(I am an international student).

    The course Structure is as follows :
    (with options either in : Discrete Math/ Dynamical systems/ scientific Computing)

    First Year
    • MATH-611 Numerical Analysis 3
    • MATH-651 Combinatorics and Graph Theory I 3
    • MATH-671 Number Theory 3
    • MATH-601 Methods of Applied Mathematics 3
    • MATH-605 Stochastic Processes 3
    • MATH-652 Combinatorics and Graph Theory II 3
    Second Year

    • MATH-771 Mathematics of Cryptography 3
    • Electives 6
    • MATH-790 Thesis 9
    Total Semester Credit Hours : 36

    I have bachelor's degree in Computer Science and I wish to seek career in Machine learning or Artificial Intelligence in general, Operational research being my second choice. I do have interest in mathematics and designing/working on models(simulation).

    So my questions are,
    • From the job/career perspective, is this program marketable? (not limited to USA)
    • If not, are the course credits transferable to Computer Science (or related) Master's program?
    • and If not that either, which further academic programs I can channel through this program, to achieve my goal? (like M.S. or Ph.Ds .. though I am bit concern/nervous about spending 3-5 yrs on Ph.D )

    Based on some of the forum topics, for this program (one from PF) the job opportunities are very narrow for lesser schools.

    I am aware that this post is bit off subject ( or in the wrong forum entirely) but I couldn't find any viable information (except one from here) on the internet and neither do I have many friends with the advance degrees to ask for an opinion.

    I would greatly appreciate your help. Please respond or guide me to right information as I have to make my decision within few weeks.
    I'll be happy to elaborate, if any information is insufficient.

    Also, if possible, please shed some light on the quality and various other metrics (like professors, research work, internship opps. etc) of this program.

    Thanks for spending your time to read my somewhat longer post. I hope to get some quality response.

    Last edited: Jun 12, 2014
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