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Applied Math Course Question

  1. Mar 8, 2013 #1
    I am looking for help on which courses I should be taking next semester. I'm majoring in applied math and my goal is to do something related to statistics or finance. Grad school is also an option for any of these topics. By the start of next semester, I will have completed Introduction to Statistics I, Calc I and II, and Introduction to Computing. Next semester I'm planning to take:

    - Multivariable Calculus (Calculus III)
    - Applied Linear Algebra
    - Elementary Differential Equations

    For the fourth class, I'm not sure if I should take Transition to Advance Mathematics, a CS course, or another Stat course. Transition to Advance Math will prepare me for the theoretical upper division mathematics courses, but it's also good to get a few CS courses under my belt. What do you recommend I fill that fourth spot with? I would also like to know if its okay to take these courses simultaneously. Thank you.
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