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Applied Mathematics?

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    If I were to major in applied mathematics, what courses would I normally take? Secondly, is it possible to get a PhD in applied math?

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    Since I know you're thinking about Penn State University, you can read about the Undergraduate Mathematics programs at: http://www.math.psu.edu/UG [Broken]

    Click "Information for Math Majors" for good information. Also, feel free to e-mail the math professors with your questions.
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    Im getting a minor in applied math and its basically just taking a bunch of courses outside of the math department that are very math intensive, like physical chemistry. This is in addition to taking math courses through diff eq.
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    my applied mathematics majors has me taking combinatorics, probability and statististics, numerical methods, operations research, theory of interest, data analysis, etc. it's very different from the pure mathematics major.
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    I know there is not alot you can usually do with just a B.S. in Math and that I Ph.D. is preferred, but what about the middle ground? Are the job prospects good for an M.S. in applied Math?
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