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Applied or thoretical?

  1. Feb 12, 2009 #1
    Hi all,
    Most of the physics students are not sure about the way that he/she should follow after the graduation.

    How should I make a decision? Which circumstances are effective on choosing the way I follow?

    I'm triying to get some usefull information that i can get from experienced physicist.

    Thank for your valuable information.

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    There's no acid test that will definatively tell you which sub-field you are cut out for.

    Some things that can help with making this decision:
    - consider which topics in your classes you've found the most interesting
    - which classes did you perform best in
    - read journal articles and learn about the active areas of research in the different sub-fields
    - if you do an honours research project, what aspects of that did you like or not like
    - if possible try to find a summer position working for a professor
    - go to departmental seminars
    - join your undergraduate physics society and participate in events
    - get to know some graduate students (often they are more than willing to provide advice to undergraduates)
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