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Physics Applied Physics M.S. and M.B.A.

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    I'm surprised that I didn't find this topic in any other threads on here so I'll bring it up.

    I'm finishing my MS in Applied Physics, paid for by my employer. Now I have some choices; I could apply to a PhD program (given my interests probably NE), I could apply to a MBA program, or I could enjoy being able to sleep on the weekends for once.

    The relative merits pro and con of a PhD have been discussed elsewhere; but what of the MBA option? Again my employer would pay for it so I wouldn't be incurring any student debt.

    Does anyone have any strong opinions on the topic?
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    Your employer pays you to go to school in any field that interests you? I want to work where you work. An MA or PhD in history of ancient civilizations would be cool...
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    I agree, however the degree has to be related to our area of work. So just about any Physical science, Engineering, or related management area of study would qualify. Otherwise I'd be all over that MA in Medieval History.
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