Applying for chemical engineering

I am currently thinking of applying to the university of manchester and imperial college in my Ucas form.

However, i didn't take physics in my AS or A-levels. Although they offer ABB/AAB for Chemical engineering without mention of physics, i am concerned.

I currently take Maths, Chem, and DT as my A-level choices. And i AM willing to work hard to catch up to other students at university (if i go) in terms of mathematics and physics.

It would be deeply appreciated if anyone who takes chemical engineering gives some advice on this dilemma.

I forgot to mention what grades i currently got. I got a A in maths, B in chem, C in DT and D in Biology. The D in biology in doesnt bother me too much as im dropping it.

Most likely i'm predicted a ABB/AAB, which makes it 'fine' to make a valid appliance to both these universities.

However, it would be appreciated to hear from knowing people.

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