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Applying newtons laws question

  1. Oct 13, 2005 #1
    Ok the question is
    Mass m1 is on an inclined surface at angle @ and is connected to a second hanging block with mass m2 by a cord passing over a small, frictionless pulley. the oeficient of static friction is u and the coefficient of kinetic friction is uk.
    I first had to find m2 when m1 is moving up the ramp
    and then i had to fine m2 when m1 is moving down the ramp. I can do those
    im just haveing problems with

    for what rage of values of m2 will the blocks remain at rest if they are released from rest?
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    Work it out with Newton 1st Law to find the max mass to stay at rest.
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    U must have 2 equations for this part, I think I'm in your class haha Stadnik

    Make sure you utilize Us
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