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Applying newton's third law

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    I hate all of newton's laws questions. They are so complicated. Can anyone please help me with this question.

    A boy pushes a lawn mower (m=17.9 kg) starts from rest across a horizontal lawn by applying a force of 32.9 N straight along the handle, which is inclined at an angle of 35.1 degrees above the horizontal. The magnitude of the mowers acceleration is 1.37 m/s^2, which lasts for 0.58 s, after which the mower moves at a constant velocity. Determine the magnitude of
    a)the normal force on the mower
    b)the frictional force on the mower
    c)the maximum velocity of the answer
    d)the force applied by the boy needed to maintain the constant velocity

    This is a long question so please help with what you know.
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    Please show what you've done/tried.

    Divide the force into horizontal and vertical components. Do remember to take into account the increase in normal force (the push is party directed vertically).
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