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Applying to Applied Math Programs with no Applied Coursework?

  1. Aug 31, 2011 #1
    Is this possible?

    I'm sorta going through a crisis phase in my life, where I realized I probably don't wanna become professor but I still want to study a lot of math. So far, I'm going into my third year, with a bunch of math coursework. The only thing remotely close to Applied Math I've done is taken a C++ class and a graduate sequence in ODEs. I'll be taking special topics in ODE next semester as well ( a sequel to the sequel).

    This sort of crisis, coupled with the fact that my interests in math already lie in Applied-Math-like fields (like ODEs), is pushing me towards an Applied Math grad school. This is also furthered encouraged by the fact that many applied math students have told me their classes were very theoretical in their own right as well. So, I'm thinking about applying towards some of these applied math program (and I don't want to abandon pure yet, but making some room for applied).

    However, my schedule for the third year is almost all filled up already (with a bunch of graduate level math classes) so I wouldn't really have any room for applied math classes up until senior year, but I fear that the admission committee won't look at my senior year classes and hence, they'll just see a pure math guy.

    So, am I sorta screwed? I mean, I'd like to go to a top 20 school for sure, and not sure if my background would make it so that i could only get into a Top 20 school for pure math and not applied.
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