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Applying to engineering science

  1. Jun 28, 2012 #1
    I would like to apply to engineering science at the University of Toronto and I was wondering if had a chance of getting in. I'm going into grade 12 next year and my marks were not very good this year due to some circumstances.In grade 11 my average was 85% which was low because I was taking some courses I had no motivation to do well in at all.

    I'm pretty confident though that I gan get into the low 90's next year because I'm learning my "hard" courses during the summer. Does admissions consider grade 11 marks? If they do how much weight do they carry?

    I've already taken 3 grade 12 courses and will take 6 more for a total of 9. This way I can drop my lowest 3. So far I've taken advanced functions (92%), Earth & Space Sciences (95%) and Biology (haven't gotten my mark back yet but I suspect it is high).

    Next year I'll take AP Physics and AP Calculus (two out of my 3 "hard" courses (3rd being chem) also I'm learning these two in the summer). Will the university take into account that I took AP?

    Also I go to a school notorious for being harder in the academics department than regular public or private schools. I live just outside of toronto.

    One last question (sorry it's so long), is it EngSci really as hard as everyone says it is?

    Thank you
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  3. Jun 29, 2012 #2
    EngSci 1T3 here. I'm not sure exactly how admissions works, but I am sure that you will be at least somewhat competitive to get in. Entrance averages are typically low 90s, so if you can get low 90s, especially at a hard school, then you should be fine.

    Do you know anyone else from your school that has gotten into EngSci? If you live just outside of Toronto then chances are EngSci may know the school and would consider whether it is harder. I don't know whether or not they consider AP or not. However, AP is probably a lot more difficult than the calculus and physics I took in high school.

    Hardest thing about EngSci is the workload. Once you learn proper time management skills you will probably get by just fine. EngSci tends to pile a lot of courses on you with a lot of labs which take up quite a bit of time. Other than that, the difficulty is definitely not overly hard. I find a lot of EngScis have this huge ego about how hard the program is and that all other science programs are super easy. Then they think this is grounds to brag about the difficulty when they do well and then complain a lot when they don't do so well.
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